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About Algarve Magazin

The Algarve Magazin (AM) present some information about the Algarve. It is available to talk about all departments of the tourist area, business, leisure, adventure, stories about the Algarve, natures, workplaces, services and much more.



We hope you enjoy your time with us!



The best for a beautiful life.

Here you will find offers of apartments, bungalows, houses, dreamlike villas, guesthouses or hotels.

Look forward to fabulous, historic and romantic relaxing places in different countries.



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Digital menus.

Use the digital menus on your mobile devices.

Use your smartphone or tablet.

Scan the QR code of the menu.


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Take advantage of the opportunity and present your creative works professionally here. Make your arts or crafts available to art lovers interested in the online gallery and art shop.


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The best for you

-Bring the global retail home.

-Business Opportunity.

-Modern and attractive glasses for visibility.

-Beautiful, seductive and graceful, do something for yourself and your loved ones.

And more...


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Special Moments...

Annett´s Moment´s

Handmade creative designs


Here you will find your dream in creativity and utility:


- Gifts for family, friends or for your love...

- Christmas presents, Birthday, Easter...

- Special offers for weddings...

- Dreamy moments for babies...

- Accessories for homes (indoor/outdoor) ...

- Accessories for adults...

- Masks for (COVID19) ...

- And much more...


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Restaurant News:

Martins Kulinarium Restaurant


In Carvoeiro Algarve



Perfect for enjoying your time with homemade spices (starters, salads, dishes, and desserts).

Available for TAKE-AWAY.

Visit us to know how our homemade recipes of the house, events, walks of discoveries and leisure, cooking schools, art exhibitions as well as our menus of the week.


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More information about Restaurants, ...

Here you will find more information about restaurants, snack bars, bars, pastries and more:


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